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Tzitzit Workshop - Teaches You How To Design Your Own Tzitzit - PDF

Tzitzit Workshop - Teaches You How To Design Your Own Tzitzit - PDF

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Step by step instructions, teaching you how to make your own tzitzit. If done correctly they will look like the tzitzit displayed on our store. The PDF will teach you how to wrap your tzitzit traditionally, containing His name in Hebrew, יהוה : Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey (10-5-6-5).

The workshop also teaches you how to implement your own customisable coloured tzitzit.

Please do not email us asking where we supply our embroidery thread. Simply search "embroidery thread" on a search engine to find similar thread.

To get this PDF for free via a discount code, please watch our tzitzit teaching till the end by clicking the link below:

Should Christians Wear Tzitzit? The Forgotten Dress-Code of Yeshua


Digital copy of a Tzitzit Workshop available to download as a PDF document.

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PDF Format.
Sized for A4 printing.

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