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And I will make your descendants multiply as the stars of heaven; I will give to your descendants all these lands; and in your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.
Genesis 26:4

All the patriarchs of the faith had the ability to think generationally; to know that God’s blessings go beyond them. Abraham foresaw his children becoming a great nation; it took Jacob and his 12 sons, and many generations later, before the Kingdom of Israel was formed.

As much as we love David, it was his son Solomon who built the temple. This is the ability to think beyond your own ministry, a generational ministry.

"The Almond Grove" is a vision given to us by Yah to purchase land to cultivate generational ministry. You may hear famous people speak about generational wealth, but what they are truly seeking is generational community. It is the Biblical model for sustaining generational wealth.

Almond Grove would be a community of like-minded believers where Biblical values are a normal part of life.

Part I

The Vision

The vision is to buy our own land, set up a spiritual hospital: a sanctuary for a place of worship, and for Biblical education with a focus on families.

Unlike many who want to buy land and move away from people and cities in order to isolate themselves.We believe this strategy is flawed and is ultimately anti-Gospel. Isolating yourself limits your capacity for sharing the Word to those who need it most; often they are people in the cities!

Instead we want to purchase land, whilst still living in our homes in the surrounding cities and towns. This will prevent us from isolating The Almond House from the rest of the world. And yet it would be in close proximity to Almond House as well as to visitors that we meet during our local evangelism.

We believe the vision we have received from Yah is to create a Goshen within Egypt. A place where Israel dwells in safety during uncertain times. A sanctuary where we can congregate in a public building and not just someone’s home. An opportunity to invite those off the street to join us, something that can be delicate and tricky in a home-setting.

Part II

Purpose Of The Land

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1. Shabbat Gatherings

Each week - to continue hosting gatherings on Saturday, with the addition of more space and when required, to provide shelter for people to stay overnight, if they are visiting the Fellowship and to accommodate those in need and/or strangers.

2. Weekly Gatherings

Weekday Evenings - to host Men's/Women's Groups, Prayer Groups, Bible Studies etc.

3. Biblical Festivals

Seasonally host the festivals - having our own land would enable us to fully observe the seven-day feasts of Unleavened Bread and Tabernacles together as a community of believers.

4. Biblical Education

Weekdays - the space would be used to educate the next generation.

It is a priority that we aim towards providing an alternative education system based on Biblical principles without politics and pushed agendas.

5. Agriculture

Ongoing - to teach the community how to grow on the land, to be good stewards of the land by observing the Shmita Year, to reconnect with the land, to receive its provision; a practical example of the Biblical model of life for the community of believers to experience.

6. Spiritual Hospital

Ongoing - to run a safe, neutral space to visit and receive prayer for those who are seeking deliverance.

7. No Room At The Inn!

At the moment Almond House is based in the home of our minister and his wife. Most weeks we do not have enough seating available for those who attend. People are sitting in the hallway, on the floor and on the stairs.

We praise Yah for such numbers in attendance, however long term this is not sustainable. We are in need of our own grounds.

Part III

Questions You May Have

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Growth Plan

For the Feast of Tabernacles, it costs us a significant amount each year to hire a campsite, hosting 70 people (and growing). If we had our own the land, the plan would be to invest that sum into the land each year, to improve facilities and the capacity to host our growing church.

Yah has shown us the perfect system to build a community and it’s all centred around His feast days.

Why Not Rent A Building?

Below are a few reasons why we do not want to rent a building:

- Spiritually tainted grounds
- ie most rented halls host ungodly, secular affairs of the world through the week
- Under worldly authority, as witnessed during "lockdown"
- Limits our building vision and ability to scale
- No long-term/generational mindset eg. landlord could sell the property

How Much Land Does the Fellowship Need?

We are seeking anything larger than 4 acres within 20 minutes' drive from Almond House in Merseyside. This offers us room for expansion with the ability to cultivate the land.

There are two plots of land we have looked at; one is four acres for roughly £150,000.The other is seven acres for £165,000.The remainder of the £200,000 would go toward legal fees and to build an annexe.

Building Plan

We have been blessed by having several builders by trade in the Fellowship.

The plan is to build several annexes which require no building permission, thus keeping costs relatively low.

We aim to use renewable energy and have a septic tank on site.

To provide accommodation for sojourners from afar. Space to host the weekly Shabbat gatherings and seasonal Feast Days.

Who Owns The Land?

A Trust would be created to manage the land. The Trust would be run by appointed trustees within the Fellowship. So donating towards Almond Grove does not equate to any ownership of the land.

*This method could be subject to change, as we research the most efficient, communal method.

Is This Really Possible?

We currently host one of the largest Tabernacle gathering in the UK, and it is only getting bigger, all praise be to Yah.

As a community, we need a bigger place to gather. With His blessing, just like the loaves and fish, He can turn one small donation into many, providing for all.

One wealthy individual could be compelled to tithe or bless us with an offering. Land may be expensive in the UK yet is there anything too difficult for the Lord?

This model of community has already existed many times in the world before.

A kibbutz, for example, is an Israeli type of settlement deeply rooted in the values of social responsibility, communal and cooperative living within a Biblical culture.

They trade, are self-sufficient through agriculture and other means, and even have their own private hospitals and supermarkets!

Although our vision is not to all live on the land, our purpose once we do own land, alongside the combined effort of the community, is to create a training ground to build up disciples of Yahshua, whilst nurturing a livelihood founded on Biblical values.

Is It The End Times? Can Yahshua (Jesus) Return Before This Plan Comes To Fruition?

Yes, according to the Bible we are living in the end times, and Yahshua could come back in our generation.

There are many Christians who are not preparing for involvement in creating a community for believers.

This prevents ourselves from building facilities to cultivate Kingdom work. Almost as if we are burying our talent until the Master returns.

Evangelism is wonderful, as is preaching the Feasts of Yah, telling others to repent and come to know Yahshua.

But then you are asked 'That sounds amazing, where can I go to observe the Feasts?'

Or 'I want to learn more about Yahshua'.

Setting up a sanctuary will give Almond House the ability to follow up evangelism by offering the full package of discipleship.


- Before giving, please be aware donations will not be refunded.

- The framework of the Almond Grove may change as we develop the project.

Led To Donate?

If you are led to contribute towards the Almond Grove, please click the button below, it will take you to our GoFundme page.

Thank you, all glory be to our loving Father, יהוה.
May it bless others in Yahshua's name.