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Tzitzit set of 4 - White & Blue, Knotted YHWH (10-5-6-5), Traditional Tassels, Torah Fringe | FREE DELIVERY

Tzitzit set of 4 - White & Blue, Knotted YHWH (10-5-6-5), Traditional Tassels, Torah Fringe | FREE DELIVERY

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Tzitzit Attatchment Pins

FREE Delivery Worldwide.

Great for yourself or as a gift.

Torah observing tzitzit with a single blue thread as commanded in Numbers 15:38. Traditionally the blue string is tied in the knots of YHWH replicating the gematria of His name in Hebrew, יהוה : Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey (10-5-6-5).

Tzitz in Hebrew can mean flower/bloom, choose an optional package to contain x4 unisex almond blossom pins to attach tzitzit onto. Perfect for helping to wear tzitzit on all occasions of clothing and not just attatching to jean loops. Can attach to shirts, dresses, flannels, workout clothing etc. You decide the colour combinations of the pins. White & Blue, All White or All Blue (see pictures for variations).

10% profit goes to Almond House Fellowship.
*As these items are homemade, please note there may be imperfections with the product.


• Hand-made set of 4 Tzitzit in White and Blue (tekhelet). Looped for ease of attaching to clothing.
• A4 parchment paper, containing a brief teaching explaining the importance of tzitzit and the Hebrew origin of the word.
• Envelope sealed with Almond House logo.
• (Optional) Contains 4 unisex almond blossom pins, four combinations - White & Blue, All White, All Blue (see pictures for variations). Default is White & Blue.

Materials & Size

100% Egyptian Cotton thread.

Traditional length, an average of 12 inches.
Lengths may vary slightly as they are hand-made.

Shipping & Returns

FREE Delivery Worldwide.
Delivery typically takes up to 2 weeks.

Returns & exchanges are not accepted. If you have a problem with your order, please email us.

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